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Who is Courseau for?
Who is Courseau for?
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Courseau is for anyone who wants to effortlessly create text-forward online courses, especially those who have existing content they want to repurpose into an e-learning format.

For Professionals

We are particularly suited for creating accurate, easily updatable training courses, including compliance training. Our customers include instructional designers and education professionals in the enterprise, medicine, research, and experimental higher-ed fields.

As of Dec 6, we are working on a more robust product specifically catering to enterprise-level training. Email us if you want to share any insights/stay updated!

For Creators and Agencies

We are also a good choice for independent creators, such as podcasters, YouTubers, and other value providers who want to quickly create courses either for monetization or marketing purposes.

Finally, we are well suited to agencies and copywriters who help a lot of clients with producing course content.

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