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Ideas on monetizing your course
Ideas on monetizing your course
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Although Courseau doesn't offer payment integrations, we've made selling your courses easier via other platforms.

Our courses contain optional built-in password protection. Edit the password on the cover page in the "editor" interface.

With this feature in mind, you can easily create a password-protected course and selectively share it with paying customers.

Although we do not directly offer payment collection options (yet), there are many ways to collect payment with other tools:

1. On your website

Most website builders (Wix, Squarespace, etc) come with e-commerce capabilities built-in. It's therefore possible to share the password and download link to a course in the receipt after a customer makes a payment through your website.

2. Via external services

There are a few websites that offer a similar marketplace functionality, such as Gumroad. Do be aware that a % fee applies for using their service.

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