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Editing lessons, outlines and quizzes
Editing lessons, outlines and quizzes
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Edit lesson content

All content, including the title, can be edited. To add additional formatting or media types, use the "/" key to pull up a menu. Images and YT videos can also be copy/pasted directly into the content.

Editing quiz questions

Towards the bottom of the lesson, you'll see the Quiz section. By default, the system generates 3 quiz questions per lesson. You may choose to remove these (button at the bottom left), or add more questions (top right). You can also rewrite the questions/answers and indicate correct answers.

Note: As of today, it's only possible to have 1 correct answer.

Hide + reorder lessons

Hover on the lesson on the left panel.

To hide a lesson, click the "eye" icon.

To reorder your lessons, click the "3 lines" icon and drag to the desired location.

Edit lesson outline

If the lesson is way off, you can opt to regenerate the entire lesson by changing up the outline. Edit the outline and click 'regenerate'. Please note that there currently isn't a way to go back to the previous version!

You can also remove the Key Takeaway, Actionable Steps, and Quiz by toggling them off.

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