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Creating a course
Creating a course

A guide on the various ways to create a course, editing, and regeneration.

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There are 3 possible starting points for creating a course: Parameters, Sources, and Outline. Complete at least one section, and Courseau will infer the rest. If you'd rather watch a video than read, go here:

๐Ÿ’ก The more information you provide, the more specific your outcome will be.

1. Parameters

The foundations of your course that help guide Courseau in the right direction. You can add:

Learning Outcomes

Topics or goals that your student should learn by the end of the course. They are used to help structure and add focus to the course outline and content. If nothing is added, Courseau will infer outcomes and offer generalized lessons, which is a great solution for more shallow, overview-style courses.

Student Profiles

Student profiles help further refine course outcomes based on key student demographics, like age group, interests, and familiarity with the subject. If nothing is added, Courseau will assume your students are college-educated professionals.

2. Sources

If used, Courseau will prioritize the information from the source materials instead of the base language model (LLM). If no other input is made by the user, Courseau will infer a course structure based on the sources.

It is possible to add multiple sources, and videos do not have to include a transcript. Please ensure all links are publicly accessible so that we can index them.

A note on copyright:

Please include source links to the uploads that don't belong to you somewhere within your course content. These can be added in the editing process.

3. Outlines

Outlines help give the user exact control over the flow and pace of the course and are therefore recommended. An outline can either be added custom by the user or system generated based on a Source and/or Learning Outcome.

Outlines contain:

Modules are lesson groups containing 3-5 lessons by default. You can add, remove, or rearrange lessons within and across modules

Lessons contain about 400 words each and can be re-generated based on new lesson objectives

Lesson objectives are the scaffolding for the lesson content. It tells the system what should be taught in that lesson

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