Why Courseau?
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What we do

Courseau (pronounced COR-SO)is a platform that uses AI to make course creation nearly effortless. Courseau currently generates courses based on existing content only. That means you need to feed the system something to produce a course, ensuring high-quality, relevant output.

As of Dec 6, we are working on an input-only option that doesn't require existing materials. The feature launch will be announced in the member's newsletter.

Optimized for learning

All course content is structured based on learning design principles and Bloom's Taxonomy. Each lesson contains 4 elements that help to optimize and solidify learning:

  1. The title and lesson content (approx 3-400 words each)

  2. A key takeaway for each lesson and an example

  3. An "actionable step" (aka homework)

  4. An interactive multiple-choice quiz

All content, including the cover page and branding, is also editable.


Courseau uses a proprietary content generation system that transforms large quantities of multimodal content into a cohesive, structured, and engaging course. Although LLMs always present a risk of hallucinations, our system has been tested to reliably produce accurate, true-to-source content, minimizing human edits. It is currently the only AI course creator product available performing at this level, based on extensive customer feedback. (*add link*)

It is our intention not to put more AI-generated noise into the world. Giving the creator full control over input and output ensures their voice is present.

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